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Abstract (English):
Here we describe an integrated software and hardware solution for stationary geomagnetic observations. The solution provides a feature-rich way to perform geomagnetic data acquisition for wide range of use cases, including poor data transfer conditions and power limited environments. Data transfer is implemented with widespread Seedlink protocol, which features small data overhead and automatic recovery of missed fragments. Geophysical application of data acquisition stations often implies installation at sites that are hard-to-reach or are only accessible on non-regular basis. Therefore, our solution includes full-fledged remote control and diagnostics of station equipment via web APIs in addition to standard remote management tools like secure shell. The modular nature of this software also provides flexibility for connecting various hardware. By this moment, we have implemented full support for POS-1 magnetometer; more support for other models is planned. The software is platform independent and has small CPU and memory footprints hence it runs on both low power x86 systems and ARM-based System-on-Chips, which provide great opportunities for further reduction of power consumption.

Magnetometer, energy-efficient computing, data acquisition, geomagnetic data
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