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The article describes the way to organize the processing and analysis of the geological data using a distributed computational and analytical environment. We propose various types of geological data used by researchers, as well as some methods for their processing and analysis. Also, we present a model of the computational and analytical environment for processing and analysis of the geological data. We constructed the environment architecture and described the requirements for each component of this environment, based on the proposed model. The proposed approach requires the use of external data processing computing nodes. Interaction with the nodes is carried out using web services technology, in particular OGC Web Processing Service. The study describes the capability of some computational nodes for processing inconsistent geological data and provides examples of methods used for working with different types of data. For the comprehensive solution of processing tasks, we propose to use processing chains that allow several processes to be executed both sequentially and in parallel. The results of one or several processes can be transferred as a source for another process. We provide an access to services for processing and analyzing geological data both through the web interface and through the application programming interface to interact with external information systems, with the ability to download data directly from the user's computer, or by specifying a direct link to data from an external resource.

Computing-analytical environment, web-services, Web Processing Service, processing chains
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