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As it was shown recently, climate changes in Antarctica resulted in interannual trends of some climatic parameters like sea level atmospheric pressure, surface air temperature, ice thickness and others. These tendencies have effect on the Southern Ocean meteorological and hydrological regime. The following remote sensing data: AVHRR MCSST data, satellite altimetry data merged data of mission ERS-2, TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, ENVISAT, GFO-1 are used to analyze the interannual and/or climatic tendency of sea surface temperature SST and sea level anomaly SLA. According to the obtained results, SST has positive trend 0.01 0.005o Cnbsp;yr -1 within 300-1000nbsp;km band northward of the Antarctic coast and negative trend -0.02 0.003 o Cnbsp;yr -1 on average for the Southern Ocean for 24-yr record 1982-2005. SLA has interannual trend 0.24 0.026nbsp;cmnbsp;yr -1 for 12-yr record 1993-2005. However in some areas for example, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge SST and SLA tendencies are stronger -0.065 0.007 o Cnbsp;yr -1 and -0.21 0.05nbsp;cmnbsp;yr -1, respectively.

sea level, sea surface temperature, southern ocean, satellite altimetry, IR radiometry, interannual trend.
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